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AFDDs Proposed Activities

1. The AFDD will implement various projects and programs, including the following activities:


Convening meetings, seminars, and conferences on contemporary issues related to faiths and development of great concerns to Asia;



 Hosting regular annual Forum for Asia Faiths Development Dialogue to exchange views, share best practices, and balance between spirituality and development;


Conducting relevant research projects or case studies on certain issues related to the overall themes of the AFDD to promote better understanding, reinforce the key principles such as tolerance, mutual understanding and dialogue, and propose policy recommendations for implementation;


Issuing policy studies and publications to enhance policy dialogue and implementation related to faiths and development in Asia;

(5) Promoting networking and partnerships of like-minded institutions and individuals in Cambodia, Southeast Asia, the Asia-Pacific region, and the world at large; and
  Forging linkages between AFDD and WFDD, where possible, in order to strengthen AFDD and provide AFDD with the venue for regular engagement and consultation.
2.  AFDD will undertake other projects, when necessary, in order to reflect the current needs and priorities of Southeast Asia and Asia, which are of interest to AFDD.
3. The results of AFDD will be shared and distributed to all interested parties, including the WFDD and others