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Launching of AFDD


  1. The launching of the AFDD will take place on 22 December 2006, at the University of Cambodia, during the visit of Dr. Haruhisa Handa’s visit to Phnom Penh and the convening of the first Conference on “Building Peace and Harmony in Asia Through Inter-Faith Dialogue and Development.” The launching of AFDD is to get the maximum publicity, to have the highest profile, and to mark an important milestone in the founding of AFDD in Cambodia for the Asia-Pacific region as a whole.
  2. To ensure the successful launch of AFDD, the University of Cambodia will work closely with key institutions in Cambodia, as well as the presence of various important religious and different faith groups, as well as the guests from within Cambodia and from outside the country, at the launching of AFDD.
  3. The successful launching of AFDD is an important step forward in building the image and role, as well as in raising the profile and reputation of AFDD not only in Cambodia but also in the context of the broader Asia-Pacific region.