Background & Rationale

The Asia Faiths Development Dialogue (AFDD) was set up in December 2006 with the launching and convening of the 2006 AFDD Forum on “Building Peace and Harmony in Asia Through Inter-Faiths Dialogue and Development.” AFDD, and with the support of World Mate seeks to strengthen faith by mobilizing support of the different faith groups, not only in Cambodia but also in Southeast Asia and in the broader Asia-Pacific region, to work for peace, development and harmony in order to achieve a peaceful coexistence of the people in Asia and beyond. AFDD actively fosters constructive inter-faiths dialogue through broad participation in order to promote trust-building and reconciliation as well as societal development. By bridging the gaps among the different faith groups at the national, regional, and international levels, AFDD strives to ameliorate the lives of diverse people around the world.

Given the current movement towards globalization and regionalization, the issues of development, poverty, transnational effects and violent conflicts are some of the greatest challenges that need to be addressed with a comprehensive approach at the national, regional, and global levels. Globalization has spread technological advancement around the world, however, many marginalized communities are being left out and threatened by modern changes that seek to uproot their traditional way of life. The negative effects of globalization coupled with issues of rising prices and global climate change, have caused social backlashes such as violent social movements and terrorist acts from marginalized people and have contributed to growing tensions among various inter-faith groups. The fight against terrorism and global civil unrest underlie the demand for ongoing dialogue among the different faith groups and various stakeholders, including academics, government, and civil society. 

Goals and Objectives

Activities, Projects, and Programs

  1. Meetings, seminars, and conferences on contemporary issues of concern to Asia related to faith and development

  2. Annual Forum for Asia Faiths Development Dialogue to exchange views, share best practices, and discuss a balance between spirituality and development

  3. Research projects and case studies about certain issues related to the overall theme of the AFDD in order to promote better understanding; reinforce key  principles such as tolerance, mutual understanding and discourse; and propose policy recommendations for implementation in Asia

  4. Policy studies and publications that enhance policy dialogue and implementation related to faiths and development in Asia

  5. Networking and partnerships of like-minded institutions and individuals in Cambodia, Southeast Asia, the Asia-Pacific region, and the world at large

  6. Forged linkages between AFDD and other like-minded institutions for regular engagement and consultation

Past Conference

On December 22, 2006, the Asia Faiths Development Dialogue (AFDD), with The University of Cambodia and the International Foundation for Arts and Culture, in cooperation with the Center for Culture and Vipassana, organized the “Building Peace and Harmony in Asia Through Inter-Faiths Dialogue and Development.”

The 2006 AFDD Forum on “Building Peace and Harmony in Asia Through Inter-Faiths Dialogue and Development” discussed the overall achievements and challenges of building peace and harmony in Asia as well as the vision, strategy and future direction of peace and harmony in Asia through inter-faiths dialogue and development.